Career Changer

Many of our students enter the MBA program in hopes of transitioning out of their current career into a new, exciting opportunity in a different function of business. Are you an IT professional looking to transition into the world of Finance? A salesperson seeking opportunities in marketing and communications? An investment banker eager to live your passion working for a nonprofit? With changes such as these it is vital to understand the challenges that you may face and be aware of the resources available to help guide you along the way.

While an MBA can help you gain the knowledge and skills necessary to make a transition, it is the work you put in outside of the classroom that will help you discover ways to make the transition happen. A carefully designed strategic plan is critical to ensure your goal comes to fruition.

The staff of the Career Development Office can work with you to develop a plan. We offer a variety of resources to help guide your transition - personal one-to-one coaching, professional development workshops, networking events and online career resources. We encourage you to explore these services as you prepare for your new future! To find out more about these services visit the CD Home Page.

Additionally, below are a number of articles that can provide great insight into the journey of a career transition. Visit the links below to read more about the process and tips for success.


Business Exchange Tips for Career Changers - Business Week: Switching jobs is one thing, but changing careers is an even bigger challenge. The site shares a number of news items, blogs and career resources to shed light on your career transition.

Job and Career Resources for Career Changers - A collection of resources, tools and tips for those looking to change careers.

Five Secrets of Successful Career Changers: A look at 5 professionals that successfully made the transition they were looking for. Learn more about the techniques they used to make the change and work to implement them in your career change strategy.

Five Ways to Make Starting a New Career Less Scary: A career change can be quite scary! Those that have made the change successfully have most likely incorporated one (if not all) of the tips provided in this article.

Career Change Advice: A quick overview of the steps involved in planning a Career Change - career assessment, developing a plan, putting the plan into execution and reviewing your plan to see what is working and what isn't.

The Ten Worst Mistakes Career Changers Can Make: Changing careers can be a delicate process and is never easy. Before starting the process, save some time by reviewing these career change mistakes to ensure you don?t go down the wrong path.