Career Advancer

Seeking a promotion? Looking to move up the corporate ladder? MBAs are often looking to use their education as a stepping stone to achieve their next great challenge. Career Advancers are those that enjoy their job, but are looking for even greater success - an opportunity to make an impact on their organization using new found skills from the program.

The MBA Program can be a great way to heighten your skills and increase your marketability in your current workplace and the job marketplace as a whole. To capitalize on this newfound education, it is vital to develop ways in which you can articulate and highlight these new skills to current and potential employers in your search for career advancement opportunities.

The Career Development Office can partner with you to develop a career plan that drives you to be more proactive in your approach to career advancement. The tactics used to position yourself for a promotion can be quite similar to those that job seekers use to market themselves to potential employers. Developing a solid personal brand statement, networking effectively and setting yourself apart from the competition in interviews are keys in marketing yourself effectively for advancement opportunities.

We offer a variety of resources to help guide your journey - personal one-to-one coaching, professional development workshops, networking events and online career resources. We encourage you to explore these services as you prepare for your new future! To find out more about these services visit the CD Home Page.

Additionally, below are a number of articles that can provide great insight into advancing your career. Visit the links below to read more about the process and tips for success.


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