Welcome to Xavier University!

On behalf of the Williams College of Business, we look forward to hosting you on campus for the 2013 SODEC Conference.  

As you prepare to visit the Xavier campus, the Career Development Office invites you to connect with the University and the College of Business to meet your hiring needs.  In preparation for the SODEC Conference, we invited our Junior/Senior business and international studies students and MBAs to submit their resume for the SODEC Resume Book.  This Book is a collection of resumes from students who are currently seeking either an internship or full-time career opportunity in a variety of occupations and industries.  Students participating come from a diverse background of educational and professional experiences.  

We encourage you to review these resumes, connect with prospective candidates and circulate to fellow colleagues who are in need of talented candidates.  Click on the link below for a look at our students who participated in the process:


2013 SODEC Resume Book


Additionally, we invite you to review additional ways to connect with us.  Below you will discover ways in which you and your colleagues may build an effective recruiting partnership with Xavier University and the Williams College of Business:

Xavier University eRecruiting System

Employers can post and manage their own full time and internship opportunities for free by registering with eRecruiting. This online database serves as the main avenue for job postings and is accessible to both our current students and alumni. Employers with eRecruiting accounts also have free access to electronic Resume Books containing the resumes of students and alumni – including industry specific books.  Click here to learn more about this system and gain access through the University Career Services Center.  

Creating Employer-Student Connections

Xavier University and the Williams College of Business strive to build strong partnerships with business professionals and organizations on a local, national and global scale. We offer a number of opportunities for businesses to engage with students and alumni – our Executive Mentor Program, Career Fairs and Meet the Firm Events, Networking Events, Advisory Boards and more!  If you are interested in learning more about these opportunities and others, click here to learn more.  For additional information, contact Cheryl Wilson – of the Career Development Office at wilsonc3@xavier.edu

Our Students

Undergraduate Business & International Studies Students - Our undergraduates represent a diverse mix of majors including Accounting, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Information Systems, International Business, Management, Marketing and Strategic Human Resources Management. Many have gained valuable work and educational experiences from previous internships and part-time work.

Master of Business Administration Program - The Xavier MBA Program is a diverse group of students, ranging from early career students completing their MBA coursework on a full-time basis to experienced professionals continuing full-time employment and pursuing the MBA part-time. Undergraduate degrees and professional experience include a variety of industries including business and technical fields.