Frequently Asked Questions


I am a full time/part time MBA Student. How do I go about preparing for my career transition?

The key to a successful transition is to ensure you develop a plan. A career transition typically does not happen overnight, it is a process that includes much dedication of your time and resources. The CDO recommends that you start your transition 6-12 months before your graduation or desired transition date. By defining a plan of action and a timeline you will be able to benchmark your progress and determine if you are on track to achieve your desired result – it can also make the process seem a little less frustrating along the way!

Think of your career exploration as comprising four steps:

  1. Knowing yourself
  2. Knowing the marketplace
  3. Planning your strategy
  4. Putting your strategy into action

By far, one of the most valuable aspects of your transition (at any stage) is to develop and utilize a strong network of people. The Career Development Office is focused on assisting our MBA students and alumni with any of the stages listed above and providing opportunities for you to connect with the appropriate people.

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What is the Career Development Office and how can it help me as a student or alum of the WCB?

The CDO is a career resource center located in the Williams College of Business. It was created to meet the needs of our transitioning MBA students and alumni. They offer a variety of professional development workshops and networking events, online career resources and individualized 1-on-1 career coaching to assist individuals through a career search.

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Do I have to pay extra to use the Career Development Office (CDO) ?

No. MBA students and alumni have the ability to fully utilize the CDO free of charge.

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Does the Williams College of Business offer a directory that will enable me to find Xavier MBAs and alums in specific companies or disciplines?

The WCB is a strong proponent of the use of LinkedIn – an online professional networking site. Here you will find many of our students and alumni actively networking with others in the community. Once you have created a LinkedIn profile, it is encouraged to join the online group – Xavier University MBA and WCB, a group that currently has over 2,800 members. This is not a Xavier WCB officially sponsored site or group, however has proven to be a great resource.

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Does the Williams College of Business offer on-campus interviews with employers for students or alumni?

Yes - each year Xavier University has a number of local, regional and national employers visit campus to interview WCB MBA students and alumni. These opportunities are typically advertised through eRecruiting, our online job board.

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What companies do MBAs nationwide most desire to work for?

Click here to see a 2013 survey by FORTUNE on the most desired companies for MBAs.

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Do you have any salary information on MBA graduates?

Click here to see the latest salary data regarding Xavier's MBA students.

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How can I get involved with the Career Development Office to assist me in my career transition?

For further information on the resources available, upcoming workshops and events or to schedule a career coaching session you can visit the Career Development homepage. If any questions, please feel free to contact us at or 513-745-4213.

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