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Call for applications for Entrepreneurship Black Belt Certification

March 26th to April 15th


Entrepreneurship Black Belt Certification:  Entrepreneurship is a creative business process that results in value creation; and. Black Belt is a term from Total Quality Management literature that signifies proven expertise in a given area of business (e.g., efficient manufacturing processes or effective innovation projects).

The Entrepreneurship Black Belt Certification focuses on the level of expertise attained in the
entrepreneurial process as a sustainable value creation process. The applications received for
the Entrepreneurship Black Belt Certification will be evaluated using the following four criteria
1. Academic achievement (e.g., GPA)
2. Faculty recommendations
3. Impact on the reputation of WCB and its communities
4. One hour (oral) comprehensive interview.

A committee will judge the final results of all applications, based on the above criteria, and the
winner will be recognized at the luncheon on 26th April 2012 in CINTAS Center and awarded the

Why Entrepreneurship Black Belt Certification is unique?  It must be noted that Entrepreneurship Black Belt Certification at Williams College of Business (WCB) is the first of its kind offered in the nation. Its uniqueness stems from the fact that WCB considers entrepreneurship not as a one]time project, but as a sustainable value creation process that continues on an ongoing basis. The principles of project management and process
improvement are uniquely combined in the Entrepreneurship Black Belt Certification.

Please contact Dr. Daewoo Park (Chair, Mgmt & Entr Dept): 745]2028 or