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JUGAAD is coming to the Williams College of Business

Feb. 27th to March 26th.



JUGAAD Competition
February 27th to March 26th
Jugaad  - a colloquial Hindi word - means a creative idea that quickly leads to significant and measurable benefits. In the Jugaad competition that the Williams College of Business will hold, the following procedure will be followed.
Xavier/WCB  Jugaad Competition:
$10 (Ten Dollars) is given to each team. The time to work out a Jugaad (a creative idea that quickly leads to significant and measurable benefits) is four weeks. That is, each team should use the $10 investment and grow that investment to achieve significant and measurable benefits. The following two criteria are used to assess the significant and measurable benefits from each Jugaad team’s submission.
1.      Impact of the Jugaad idea on the reputation of Xavier, WCB and its communities
2.      Monetary value of the investment at the end of the four weeks allocated time.
A committee will judge the final results of all teams, based on the above criteria, and the winner will be awarded a cash prize and Entrepreneurship software – total $30,000 values.
Jugaad Results:
It has been shown that the very act of participating in the Jugaad process has resulted in the development of skills in fast-tracked creativity for the participating teams. Innovative companies such as Apple and Google, which emphasize experimentation as an essential part of enhancing development speed for new products, have embraced Jugaad in their arsenal for innovation.
Award Luncheon:
April 26th, 2012 at Cintas Center
Please contact Dr. Daewoo Park (Chair, Mgmt & Entr Dept): 745-2028 or