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What do Xavier MBA students have to say about the program?


What do Xavier MBA students have to say about the Xavier MBA program? 

The following responses were submitted by current Xavier MBA students and alums and posted on the Xavier MBA Facebook page

The Xavier MBA program will help you think critically and objectively, grow intellectually and professionally; but most of all, Xavier’s MBA program can help you differentiate yourself from the masses.

Keith, MBA Student
At Xavier, you get more than a degree; you get a well-rounded, top-notch education, access to meaningful connections and a strong emphasis on personal/professional growth that altogether provide a revolving door of possibilities for you and your community. Go Muskies!
Matt, MBA Alumni
Xavier University is an amazing school that gives you the skills and tools to set yourself apart from the rest, and advance your career. The networking opportunities, vast alumni association and talented professors is what made me choose Xavier over many other universities because I knew it would help me reach my goals in work and life.
Chelsea, MBA Student
Xavier's MBA Program not only fosters excellent intellectual growth but also draws heavily upon the Jesuit ideals to develop "men and women for others" who can make a positive impact in the communities its students and graduates serve on a daily basis.
Matt, MBA Student
XU MBA.... Best investment in your career ever. Tiffany, MBA Student
Xavier's MBA Program gives students the wings they need to reach new career heights. Scott, MBA Student
My favorite class (so far) in the MBA program as actually been Statistics. Not only was the teacher a lot of fun, but she knew that I was trying to understand the subject in the business context and didn't overcomplicate it before the class was ready. I really feel that I have a better understanding of the subject after this class.  Brian, MBA Student
The MBA program takes you on a journey to really challenge yourself and in doing so, you will grow and reach heights that will surprise and encourage you to live a life that is not only fulfilling but also aware; Xavier University has filled my heart with sincere memories and honest friendship and I have loved every moment of being here! Nalinka, MBA Student