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Why a MBA from a Jesuit university? The Assistant Dean for MBA Programs Explains.


The following is a transcript of a chat given by Assistant Dean for MBA Programs, Jennifer Bush on Tuesday, February 7th as part of a virtual MBA fair in which the Xavier MBA program participated.

Welcome to our final chat of this outstanding MBA conference.

We are going to be talking about why a Jesuit institution that offers a MBA degree is a program for you.
There are 26 Jesuit colleges & universities in the USA.
There are many, many more outside of the USA.
For a list of the Jesuit universities in America, visit
It is often assumed that business does not mix with a religious affiliated school.
Yet, that is not true.
In fact, a Jesuit MBA is a powerful combination.
From our Jesuit heritage we find the business education we provide rooted in magis and cura peronalis.
Magis means more. Thus our graduate business students have more expected of them.
They are given more in the classroom by their professors.
They are offered more by their student services team.
When they are graduated and alumni of the program, they will do more for their communities, their work places, and the world.
Cura personalis is care of the individual.
Thus our graduate business students are not numbers.
They are not faces in a classroom.
They are people.
They are individuals whose hopes and goals and personal situations matter.
They are known by name.
They are engaged in conversations by faculty and staff to get a whole picture of who they are.
They are challenged to engage more and engage on a personal level in their business education.
The Jesuit MBA is infused with ethics.
Ethical leadership is never easy.
It starts with knowing who you are as individual and what your personal ethics are.
Thus, when ethics are discussed in Xavier MBA classes, it is not an abstract concept that has little impact on reality.
Instead, it is personal.
It is about development of one's own ethics and leadership style
Hand in hand with that are the issues of governance.
All too recently we have seen where poor governance has taken our economy.
As such, preparing leaders for tomorrow is much more than learning the text book definitions of these words and concepts.
[It is about living them.
And having them is incorporated into the curriculum.
So, this is what a Jesuit MBA does.
It prepares leaders both in knowledge and in personal growth.
It is one of the most challenging experiences you will ever have but it will be one of the most transformative.
I think this gives you a solid understanding of why a Jesuit MBA could be the best decision of your life.
And it truly is a life decision. One you have to think about and weigh out in terms of personal commitments and obligations, family, funding, and work
That is why even during the prospective student process we ask you questions that you may be had not thought of.
 And, that we ask you to think about this choice.
There have been times when we have said that Xavier isn't't the right school or you are not ready. Or this is not the time.
Our approach may surprise folk, but in the end it serves our students, which is what we are here to do.