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MBA Student on winning team at Venture Capital Investment Competition in California.


Rudhir Patil, a Xavier MBA student, has lead the team that won the Venture Capital Investment Competition at Xavier's Jesuit sister school Santa Clara University.

In this competition, Rudhir's team had to assume the role of venture capitalists and evaluate two start-up businesses as investment options. Teams had to evaluate the businesses, but more importantly negotiate a term sheet. Teams had 36 hours to review the business plans, perform analysis, valuation etc and then finally 15 minutes to negotiate a deal with the entrepreneur with a panel of 10 judges as the audience. 
Rudhir's team consisted of himself and new students who had just started the Santa Clara MBA program.  No stranger to academic competition, Rudhir drew upon his experience as a member of 2011 ACG team to assist the team in winning the competition.