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Vote for XU Alum Start Up Weekend Video on FB -Alex Burkhart Needs Your Vote!


 Williams College of Business MBA Student Wins Local Competition


Alex Burkhart, 24, comes from a family of entrepreneurs. The 2011 Xavier University graduate has lived in Cincinnati five years. By recently winning a local Startup Weekend competition, Alex and his new team won free office space in downtown Cincinnati for six months, free legal advice, $1,000 worth of web design and, best of all, access into the Startup Weekend world competition that kicks off Wednesday.


Once TicketShare was declared the winner of the local competition, Alex was told he had 24 hours to create a video for Internet users around the world to vote on.  The video was shot here at Xavier!  The website will go live tomorrow and online voting runs from Wednesday noon (PST) until midnight (PST) Tuesday, Nov. 27. Voters can vote once per day. People can vote for the TicketShare video at> this site.


Vote for TicketShare and help Alex and his team win the competition!