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MBA Spring 2013 Registration Starts Next Monday, Nov. 5th.

Get the information you need to get the classes you want!



Spring 2013 Registration approaches!

Attention Students!

Spring 2013 course registration is just around the corner; are you ready? This special edition of the MBA News will help prepare you for this important event. We’ve prepared spreadsheets of the courses available and compiled a list of frequently asked questions regarding registration.

November 3rd 8:30am to 1pm – Open Advising Day, MBA Office, no appointment necessary 
November 5th at 8am – Spring 2013 Priority Registration (for students currently enrolled in fall 2012 classes) November 12th 8am – Spring 2013 registration for all students (new and returning)

Here are PDF spreadsheets of all MBA Classes currently scheduled for the spring term. As always, please continue to check the portal for changes to the schedule as modifications are possible.

Spring 2013 Schedule Breakdown

Foundation Skill – 500 Level MBA Classes 
Integrated Functions – 600 Level MBA Classes 
MBA Electives 
Online & Weekend Classes
All Spring 2013 Classes

Syllabi from previous terms may provide additional insights into courses you are considering. These syllabi are meant to be a resource so students should not purchase textbooks or make major decisions based on this information. You'll find the syllabi online here.

MBA Advisors are available for phone, email and in-person advising appointments. To schedule an appointment please contact the MBA Office at 513-745-3525. Here are our email addresses for any questions you may have.

Ann Marie Whelan
Lauren Parcell
Teresa Summe-Haas


Scheduling Advice from the MBA Office:

Here is a list of FAQ we have received from students regarding registration. The most important thing to know about registration is to register early and get on the waitlist if you are closed from a course. Here are additional insights…

  • Capstone Issues: 
    Students are able to take 1 core course with their capstone class when they will be graduating at the end of the term. For example, an MBA student planning to graduate in May 2013 could take their capstone course with INFO 600 if these are the only courses left for degree completion and all other courses, including electives, have been successfully completed. 
  • How do I find the online schedule? 
    You can find the schedule in two places: 
    1. Go to and click on ‘Registration Information’ (left hand navigation) and then ‘Search Schedule of Classes’
    2. Or go to MyXU and click on Streamlined Class Schedule in the Student Services tab. In either place you will need to choose a term and search for relevant classes. The easiest way to search is to select all of the business areas under Subject, Main under Campus, and Graduate under Course Level. This will return all of the MBA classes. 

  • How do I know if the class is full?
    If you are using the Streamlined Class Schedule in MyXU, you will be able to see the number of seats available in each course. If you are using the Registrar’s website you will need to click on each class title to see the number of seats available. This is live information that is updated whenever a student enrolls in or drops a course. 

  • How do I get on a waitlist?
    If you are registering on paper you will be added to the waitlist automatically if your chosen class is full. If you are registering via MyXU, you will receive an error message. Simply select ‘Waitlist’ from the drop-down menu associated with the class and re-submit. This will add you to the waitlist. 
  • How do I move from a waitlist to the class?
    When space becomes available in the class we will manually move students from the waitlist into the class in the order in which they joined the waitlist. This process is not done automatically, so you may see that a class has seats available, but you are still on the waitlist. Please be patient and we will make the changes as soon as possible. 
  • The schedule shows seats available, but I am on the waitlist, why?
    When a student drops a class, the schedule is updated automatically to show that seats are available. However, the process of moving a student from the waitlist into the class is not automatic. Students will be manually moved from the waitlist into the course. Once that has been done, the schedule will be updated. Please be patient. 
  • I tried to register, but received an error/hold message. What should I do? 
    If you receive an error message please contact the MBA office with details concerning the message. We can help you rectify the error or put you in contact with the appropriate office (e.g. Bursar).
  • If I talk to the professor, can he/she put me in the class?
    No. Class sizes are limited for many reasons. To be fair, we use a waitlist system. Professors cannot add students to any class without going through the official registration process. If you have questions, please contact the MBA office.

  • I absolutely have to be in this class, but it’s full. Can you just put me in the class?
    Unfortunately we cannot. Class sizes are limited for many reasons. To be fair, we use a waitlist system that enables students to “wait in line” for a spot in the class. It would not be fair to your fellow students if we let you skip ahead of them.
  • What classes should I take?
    If you have any questions about course selection, please consult your MBA Requirements Sheet and schedule an appointment to meet with an advisor.