Study Grant

An MBA graduate study grant is awarded for one academic year only. It is not renewable or transferable. A student must submit an application before March 1st to be considered for an award in the next academic year. Acceptance of an award may affect eligibility for other financial aid.

MBA graduate study grants are available for MBA students only. The grants are partial tuition awards, which are designed to assist students with financing graduate study only. Grant awards are made based upon merit, financial need and the availability of funds. Prospective students must be fully accepted to the MBA program for their application to be considered.

You are not eligible for an MBA graduate study grant if you:

* receive full employer tuition reimbursement.
* are awarded a graduate assistantship.
* a Xavier employee or employee's dependent.
* receive any other Xavier grant or tuition discount, including graduate assistantships


The MBA grant awarding process will follow the procedures listed below:

1. Students applying for a MBA grant must be fully admitted into the MBA program; provisionally admitted students and MBA Plus students are not eligible for MBA grant consideration.

2. Complete the FAFSA on-line at OR a paper FAFSA if NOT a US citizen or permanent resident.

* International Students on a H Visa or F Visa will need to complete a paper MBA grant application. Please email the MBA Office at to request the application. *

3. Students will receive an email after the FAFSA has been submitted to view their Student Aid Report (SAR). Review the information on the SAR for accuracy. If corrections need to be made, follow the instructions on the SAR.

4. After the FAFSA has been submitted a copy will be sent electronically to the Office of Financial Aid. The Office of Financial aid will review the results and make an award if the student is eligible.

5. Students should expect to receive their award letter electronically, within approximately two weeks after the Financial Aid Office has the results of the FAFSA. Students who have not been admitted must wait until after they have been accepted to be notified of their award. Awards for the beginning of a new academic year are prepared beginning March 1.

6. The award letter will list any grant and loan eligibility. Active acceptance of the award is not required. If students want to borrow loan(s) then further documentation will need to be completed. If students want to reduce or decline any portion of their award then they may contact the Office of Financial Aid.