What's Your ROI?

In the world of business, success is measured by a basic principle known as ROI - return on investment. The greater the return, the greater the success. With Xavier University's nationally ranked MBA program, the return you get from earning your degree is always greater than your overall investment.

Clyde Colaco

General Electric - Aviation
Process Engineer

Some of the classes have been real eye-openers. The macro/microeconomics courses really helped me understand some of the business decisions made by the company in response to current economic conditions. Statistics has allowed for proof of poor processes and provides methods to measure the improvements. The leadership and communication courses provided good guidance for effective communication to leadership.

Eric Banks

Research and Development Researcher
Procter & Gamble

I truly believe that acquiring a business degree will help me round out my formal education. I studied hard in a scientific discipline while in undergrad, now an MBA will help me apply my technical knowledge in the business world. This degree will provide balance to my technical qualifications.

Kari Elaine Peglar

Client Associate
Landor Associates

My MBA has allowed me to grow and feel comfortable taking on new roles, and has even allowed me to teach my superiors about a part of the business they no longer touch due to their seniority. My MBA has allowed me to learn by doing, which is the greatest ROI anyone can have because it is real, visible, and immediately impactful to my success.

Matthew A. Tripepi

Digital Product Manager

The biggest benefit I saw, the ROI, was the ability to do a major career shift twice in my life from Alumni Relations to digital marketing. It also prepared me to make the shift from a nonprofit to a Fortune 500 company.

Nalinka Araliya Ratnavibushana

The value of Xavier's MBA program is not lost on a resume. I am a strong candidate for a job with this degree behind me, and that's a great thing in today's economy.

Teresa J. Tanner

Fifth Third Bank
Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

The biggest benefit I saw from my MBA, the ROI, is the ability to immediately apply knowledge to your career.


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