International Trip

Students will have the opportunity to take part in either an international trip during their spring break or to complete the BUAD 550 during their first spring semester in the program.

The international trip will include company visits, guest lecturers, and local tours throughout the host country. The goal of the course is to immerse students in the culture of the host country, to expand the student’s global understanding, and to explore international business opportunities. Following the trip, students will be required to submit an assignment on their experience for a total of 3 credit hours.

Travel expenses for the international trip option are NOT included in the total cost of the program; however, the tuition for the course is included.

Students who do not participate in the international trip will be enrolled in the BUAD 550 - International Business course conducted at the off-site location during the spring semester of the first year. 

Click here for more information about the Xavier MBA Study Abroad international trip opportunities.