Frequently Asked Questions

Are you AACSB Accredited?

Yes. Of approximately 11,600 schools of business globally, only 470 are both graduate and undergraduate accredited to meet the high standards of excellence demanded by the American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). The AACSB is recognized by the Council of Post-secondary Accreditation and by the Office of Post-secondary Education, U.S. Department of Education, as the sole accrediting agency for master's degree programs in business administration and accounting. Criteria for accreditation include superior achievement in areas comprising curriculum, faculty and facilities. Continuing accreditation is subject to periodic, rigorous off-site inspections. The Williams College of Business has held AACSB accreditation since 1994.



What time do classes meet and when do they begin?

Classes meet for approximately 3 1/2 hours twice a week in the evening.  The academic year begins in January and July for Northern Kentucky and West Chester.



What is a lock-step, cohort program?

With a lock-step, cohort program all students begin and end the program together. Depending on the location you'll be with the same 30-40 MBA students throughout the program. The times and dates for all courses have been predetermined, so there is no need to schedule or register before each term.  In the off-site MBA program there is never the problem of closed courses.



What is the minimum GMAT score I need for admission?

Total GMAT scores lower than 470 are not accepted. However, just because an individual achieves a 470 or higher does not guarantee admission. The total GMAT required for each applicant varies based upon the following formula:

Undergrad g.p.a. x 200 + Total GMAT = or > 1070 points. But in addition the following must also be achieved:

We also accept the GRE in place of the GMAT scores.  An assessment equivalency chart provided by ETS is used to determine GRE equivalency to the GMAT total requirements for admission consideration.

Specific GMAT (GRE) requirements are: a minimum quantitative score in the 25th percentile and analytical writing score of a 3.0 or higher.

On average total GMAT scores of 550 are seen for applicants.



What is the minimum undergraduate cumulative grade point average I need for admission?

The minimum undergraduate grade point average (GPA) necessary for admission is a 2.0/4.0. On average an undergraduate cumulative GPA of 3.0 is seen for applicants.



Is work experience required?

Although we do not require work experience, we recommend some work experience before entering the MBA program. Work experience enables you to learn more from the MBA program by relating course work to personal experience. On average students entering the MBA program have between four to six years work experience.



How many credit hours will I take in the Off-site MBA program?

A total of 44 credit hours are required for the Off-site MBA program.



Do I need to take any pre-requisite courses?

No. There are no prerequisite courses required for entrance into the MBA program. All pre-requisite courses have been incorporated into the MBA curriculum as 500 level courses.



Can I transfer credit into the Off-site MBA program?

No. Due to the lock-step, cohort nature of the program Xavier does not allow transfer course work.



How long will it take me to complete the Off-site MBA program?

20 months. The off-site MBA program requires two years or less to complete an MBA. Please see the program schedule for the details.



Can I get a concentration in the off-site MBA program?

No. The Off-site MBA program is designed to enhance the general business acumen of it graduates, and so its does not offer a concentration in a specific discipline. It is possible to obtain a concentration after completing your degree by taking classes on campus through the Xavier MBA Plus Program. MBA concentrations range from 9 to 12 credit hours depending upon the area of study. Concentrations provide a solid foundation upon which a student may build or explore a new career area. Link here for a list of available concentrations.



What types of financial aid are available for MBA students?

MBA students who are US citizens or permanent US residents are eligible for federal Stafford loans. Contact the office of financial aid at 513 745-3142 for information, or click here to visit their website.

MBA students are eligible for MBA grants. The application deadline is April 30th of each year. Grants are merit- and need-based and range in amounts from $250-$1000. The grants are competitive, but all students with financial need are encouraged to apply. Contact the MBA office at 513 745-3525 or print one off the Internet.



What career services are available to me as a MBA student?

MBA students have full access to Xavier's Career Development Office (CDO). Services available to MBA students include career development advising, provision of job search information, and assistance in building job search skills such as resume writing, interviewing, and potential employer identification. Additional services include on-campus interviews, resume referral, and a job hotline. For a complete list of CDO services click here.