MBA Plus

Xavier’s MBA Plus program offers graduates the opportunity to return to Xavier for post-MBA graduate studies to receive an add-on concentration. MBA Plus is intended to provide an opportunity for MBA alumni to update their skills, broaden their knowledge, and achieve the advanced understanding needed to go farther in their careers. MBA Plus is available to any individual who holds an MBA degree from Xavier or another university.

Benefits of an MBA Plus concentration include:

  • Official recognition of a structured concentration
  • Updated credentials in timely areas of study
  • Career enhancement
  • Diversification of experience
  • Individual attention from both career and academic advisors
  • Interaction with faculty and students

Important Details

  • The MBA Plus concentration is a minimum of nine credit hours. All courses are 3 credit hours.
  • If prerequisite coursework is more than five years old, those courses must be taken in addition to prescribed concentration electives.
  • Xavier MBA graduates need only complete MBA Plus concentration courses not taken previously, though prior coursework must have been completed within the last five years.
  • Two years are permitted for the completion of the MBA Plus concentration coursework.
  • An MBA academic advisor can assist you in selecting your course of study.
  • MBA Plus coursework follows the current MBA tuition rates.
  • The MBA Plus concentration is not an additional degree.
  • All concentration coursework must be completed through the Xavier MBA Program. Courses taken at other institutions cannot be applied to the MBA Plus Program.

Getting started

  1. Submit an application, available here:
  2. Have official MBA transcripts sent to Xavier’s MBA office (not necessary for Xavier MBA graduates)
  3. You may register for classes once you have received official notification from the MBA office

MBA Plus Concentrations Available
*Other non-concentration electives may also be taken in areas such as Business Administration, Entrepreneurship, and Management. Courses for each concentration vary by semester.  

Business Intelligence: 9 credit hours
The applications and technologies used to gather, access and analyze data and information about company operations. Required courses include Business Intelligence, Database Management, and Data Mining.

Finance: 12 credit hours
Advanced studies in investments, financial management and capital markets. Representative courses include Investment Management, Options and Futures Markets, Real Estate Finance, and Financial Modeling.

International Business: 9 credit hours
A series of courses that builds special knowledge and skills required for the actual conduct of business in foreign markets. Includes potential trips to Asian, European, or Latin American markets. Representative courses include International Economics and Business (required), Multinational Management, and International Finance.

Marketing: 9 credit hours
In-depth exploration of topics and issues critical to management of the marketing function. Representative courses include Marketing Research (required), E-Commerce, Service Marketing, and New Product Planning and Development.

Values-Based Leadership: 9 credit hours
An exploration of the ethical implications of business, as well as the formation of personal leadership styles. Representative courses include Strengths-Based Leadership, Business Ethics Through Film, Ethical Issues in Marketing, and Corporate Citizenship & Sustainability.