We value all of our MBA students, but only the best of the best can be accepted into the EMBA program. Therefore we have designed an application process which allows us to build the strongest cohort each year. Our goal is to admit between 25 to 30 students each year. We encourage you to apply, and if accepted, you’ll be joining an extremely select group of individuals.

Are You Eligible?

  • Do you have a minimum of 7 years post-graduate, professional work experience or 10 years of leadership experience preferred as demonstrated by current full-time employment and proof of career progression? (Note: military veterans, experienced entrepreneurs, and independent consultants may also be considered).
  • Do you have an undergraduate degree from an accredited college of university? (Note: EMBA candidates without undergraduate degrees with significant managerial experience and leadership potential may also be considered).
  • Do you have the potential to successfully complete graduate work in business administration within a condensed and fast-paced program?
  • Can you and your family commit mentally, physically, and financially to the program?
  • If necessary, can your employer commit to allowing you the minimum of time off to attend class and/or are you willing to make sacrifices in order to meet your program commitments?
  • Do you demonstrate maturity and attainment of a responsible, organizational position?

If you answered “yes” to each of the questions above then apply today. If you answered “no” or “maybe” to any of the questions then contact an academic advisor today to discuss your options in more detail.

EMBA Application Process

To complete the application process for the EMBA program, candidates must provide the following information by August of the year they plan to enter the program:

  • Application form
  • Current resume
  • Official transcripts
  • GMAT scores (waivers are available)
  • Answers to essay questions
  • Organizational chart including a brief summary of your organization's business activities and your specific duties.
  • Two letters of recommendation from an officer or higher ranking manager within your organization.
  • Employer Sponsorship Form (Optional but recommended)
  • Personal interview

For more details about the application process download the EMBA Application Guideline.