Waiver Study Guides

Waiver examinations are available for each Foundation Skill Course for admitted MBA students. Successful completion of Foundation Skill Courses or the corresponding waiver exam are required prior to enrollment in the 55X-level, Integrated Functions Courses.

If you have any questions about taking a waiver examination for a foundation skill course please contact the MBA Office at xumba@xavier.edu, 513-745-3525 or through an MBA advisor.

The STAT 500 waiver examination costs $75.00 and is administered during MBA office hours (call or email to schedule a test time). The fee will only be assessed to students who earn a passing score. A 70% passage rate is required for a STAT 500 waiver.

Students are given one opportunity to test out of a foundation skill course.  If a passing score is not earned then the corresponding course must be completed. Wavier examinations must be taken by the end of the first calendar year in the program for part-time students or by the end of the first semester for full-time students.

The most current study guides for the STAT waiver exams is posted below:

The Xavier MBA Program accept the CLEP (College Level Examination Program) for waiver consideration of ACCT 500. This is the only courses in which a CLEP test will be accepted.

The minimum acceptable score for MBA waiver is as follows:

CLEP Test Minimum Score
Financial Accounting 65

Learn more and obtain the study guide through the CLEP website.