Getting Involved

Alumni ALL Cards

Upon graduation, Xavier alumni can acquire an ALL Card that is designed specifically for alumni. With the card, Xavier graduates receive a wide variety of discounted products and services. Click here to learn more about the card and to view a form that can be used to register for the card.

Graduate Student Association

The purpose of the Graduate Student Association is to represent the students of the various graduate programs in relation to any office or organization within or outside of the university. Additionally, the GSA serves to disseminate information to the graduate student community, provide support not available elsewhere to enhance the educational and professional development of its members, and improve the quality of life for graduate students at Xavier University.

International Trips

These MBA courses are designed to allow students to experience the business environment abroad as well as expose them to the rapidly changing market conditions of a global economy. A key focus of the course is for students to develop an understanding and awareness about the many opportunities and challenges faced by businesses abroad. As part of the course requirements, students are expected to apply the theoretical frameworks learned throughout the MBA program and propose a viable business venture in a foreign market.

Net Impact

The Xavier chapter of Net Impact is a graduate student lead organization dedicated to the principles of sustainability in business. Established in 2012, the chapter will seek to broaden MBA students’ view of their role in business through education and action. Theit mission is to mobilize a new generation to use their careers to drive transformational change in their workplaces and the world.

Women's MBA Association

The Xavier Women’s MBA Association (XWMBA) is graduate student and alumni-led organization dedicated to empowering business professionals toward the advancement of women in the workplace and to enhancing workforce diversity. XWMBA, formed in 2006, serves the Xavier community and strives to be a valuable partner with other professional development and minority organizations. XWMBA aims to be a forum for education, professional development, networking, and collaboration through meaningful opportunities to supplement experience gained in the classroom and at the office.