Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is an internship?
  2. Why should I have an internship?
  3. How long is an internship?
  4. How do I find an Internship?
  5. How do I earn academic credit? Undergraduates MBAs
  6. Where can I find the Internship Agreement Form? Undergraduates MBAs
  7. Can I Do More Than One Internship For Credit? Undergraduates MBAs
  8. Are There Any Fees Associated With The Internship Course? Undergraduates MBAs
  9. How Is My Internship Course Grade Determined? Undergraduates MBAs
  10. Who are the Internship Professors? Undergraduates MBAs
  11. If I had an internship and did not earn academic credit, do I need to notify anyone?
  12. If I had an internship last semester/year, can I get credit for it this semester? Undergraduates MBAs
  13. Can I work an unpaid internship?
  14. What's the average pay rate for an internship?
  15. Can an intern be considered an "independent contractor"?