Officer Positions

The D’Artagnan Capital Fund consists of both managers and analysts for each S&P 500 sector.  A student is an analyst on the DCF during his first semester and becomes a manager once he begins his second semester on the fund.  The officer positions explained below are additional leadership opportunities open to only DCF managers.  Interested managers must give a presentation at the beginning of each semester as to why they deserve to hold the position and the fund collectively decides who ultimately is given an officer role. 

Chief Executive Officer

The D’Artagnan Capital Fund CEO is the leader of the fund.  This individual is in charge of leading the operations as well as giving oversight to the rest of the fund per strategic objectives.  He ensures the DCF is meeting its deadlines, along with acting as a facilitator to all external contacts.

Chief Investment Officer

The Chief Investment Officer’s primary responsibility is to manage the day to day operations of the DCF.  He is responsible for conducting meetings, including determining the order of stock presentations and organizing the voting on each trade. The CIO is also responsible for ensuring that there is an analyst serving as an assistant economist, assistant compliance agent and a note-taker for each meeting. Finally, the CIO has the responsibility of reporting any approved trades to the faculty advisor for execution. The CIO ensures meetings are conducted in an efficient and organized manner.


The Controller is responsible for overseeing the compilation of the monthly, annual, and semi-annual performance reports.  The Controller assigns analysts to be responsible for the compilation of performance reports and ensures the external reporting is correctly completed.

Chief Compliance Officer

The Chief Compliance Officer is charged with ensuring that DCF's holdings remain in compliance with prospectus at all times.  He assigns an analyst to give a compliance status update at the beginning of each meeting and ensures all trades are reviewed for compliance integrity before execution.

Chief Economy Officer

The Chief Economy Officer is responsible tracking world events and showing how these events can impact our valuations.  He assigns an analyst to be responsible for discussing relevant economic events at the beginning of each meeting.

Head of Public Relations

The Head of Public Relations is responsible for communicating DCF activities to external contacts and continuing to increase the DCF's exposure.  He is responsible for maintaining the DCF’s website and twitter account.

Head of External Relations

The VP of Public Relations for the DCF is responsible for preparing timely information for University press releases.  He maintains contact with former DCF members, while also works with professionals throughout the Tri-State Area to schedule professional events that focus on the practical aspect of our work.

VP of Competition

The VP of Competition is responsible seeking out academic competitions, along with gathering interest and enrolling DCF members these competitions.  DCF members have the skill-set necessary to be successful in valuation-based competitions and the VP of Competition ensures interested members are able to participate.  Competitions participated in the past include R.I.S.E, All America Student Analyst Competition and The CFA Research Challenge.

Risk Officer

The Risk Officer is responsible for introducing and applying different ways of looking at risk.  He uses both qualitative and quantitative research to display aspects of risk different from the traditional metrics of beta and standard deviation, such as "value at risk."  His research is used as a supplement to our selection and valuation method, allowing us to better exercise our strategy.