Name Change Proposal


The members of the Xavier Student Equity Investment Fund, the finance faculty, the Board of Executive Advisors, and the Finance Subcommittee of the Board of Trustees have discussed and voted for a proposal to change the name of the Xavier Student Equity Investment Fund to “The D’Artagnan Capital Fund” which will be colloquially shortened to “DCF”.

Reasons for Change

Xavier’s Student Equity Investment Fund (XSEIF) and Student Bond Investment Fund (XSBIF) are currently managed by undergraduate and MBA students respectively. Since the names are very similar yet managed by two completely different groups of students, the decision was made to enact a name change to further distinguish the two groups. During this process, the committee in charge of changing the name explored new options that both represented school pride and professionalism in relevance. The aim of this change is to make the fund more identifiable not only by business students but to the students of the University on a larger scale. By embracing the mascot of the school asother funds do, the fund hopes to raise the profile of the fund. This is in-keeping with previous changes made to the operations of the fund, which last year revised the admission process into the fund. Doing away with the previous interview format, the current process simply involves a prerequisite class and is open to all majors upon successful completion of the course.

The D’Artagnan Capital Fund follows a bottom-up approach, meaning the security selection process involves a discounted cash flow model as the basis for investment theses. Not only does the name change incorporate school spirit but also speaks to the strategy which the fund embraces.


The fund firmly believes that this name change will result in even more enthusiasm around what we all aim to make one of the University’s flagship programs. By embracing our heritage we also look forward to becoming an ever-integral point of pride for Xavier University.