Classes Needed to Join

- Accounting 200: Introductory Financial Accounting

- Finance 300: Business Finance (Prerequisite is Accounting 200)

- Finance 390: Firm Valuation (Prerequisite is Finance 300)

- Finance 490: Portfolio Management I - This is the first semester of the Fund where the student will be an analyst for one of the Sectors of the S&P 500 (Must receive a B- or higher in Finance 390 to qualify)

- Finance 492: Portfolio Management II - This is the second semester of the Fund where the student will either be a manager for a specific sector, hold one of the many positions for the Fund (such as PR Director or CEO), or in some cases both. (Must receive a B or higher in Finance 490 to qualify)

 Additional Facts

- You are not required to take Finance 492 if you take Finance 490

- Finance 492 does count as your Finance Capstone

- Finance 390 will fulfill your Finance elective requirement and if you take 490 as well, that will fulfill your business elective requirement

- You do not have to be a Finance Major to join the Fund