Q: How do you become part of the D'Artagnan Capital Fund?

A: First you must complete the ACCT 200 first followed by FINC 300. Then you must enroll in FINC 390 and receive a B- or higher to become part of the Fund as an analyst, FINC 490. To become a manager in the Fund you must receive a B or higher in FINC 490.

Q: How many credit hours is The D'Artagnan Capital Fund?

A: The D'Artagnan Capital Fund is a normal class which counts for 3 credit hours.

Q: Does FINC 492 count as your Finance capstone?

A: FINC 492 does count for your Finance capstone.

Q: What do we do?

A:The D'Artagnan Capital Fund actively manages $2.3 million dollars of Xavier University's endowment.

Q: What can we invest in?

A: The D'Artagnan Capital Fund is restricted to large-cap equities within the S&P 500.