Xavier Student Bond Investment Fund

The Xavier Student Bond Investment Fund (XSBIF) manages a portion of the Xavier University Endowment as a fixed-income fund. The primary objective of the Fund is to provide for preservation of capital with an emphasis on long-term growth of capital, without undue exposure to risk.

As part of their capstone class (BUAD 694) experience in the Xavier University MBA Program, graduate students are responsible for managing the portfolio against the Barclays U.S. Government/Credit Index. The primary investments of the fund are investment-grade corporate credits, U.S. Treasuries and agencies.  The Fund can also invest in Treasury Inflation Protected Securities (TIPS), taxable municipals, dollar-denominated sovereign credits, agency pass-throughs, floating rate notes, preferred stock, and the Fort Washington High-Yield Fund, LLC.

For the latest report published by the Xavier Student Bond Investment Fund, click here.