Fifth Third Trading Center Internship Program

The Fifth Third Trading Center Internship Program is designed to provide undergraduate students with the opportunity to obtain practical business skills in preparation for that first job.  Trading Center Interns are expected to specialize in at least one of the financial software programs available in the trading room (Bloomberg or S&P Capital IQ), to work in teams to develop and present educational materials, and to assist students, faculty and affiliates in their use of technology in the trading room.  Additionally Trading Center Interns will manage the operations of the trading room, provide educational training sessions, and engage in community outreach.  The Trading Center Internship is a paid position and student interns are expected to work at least 10 to 15 hours per week.  Advantages of participating in the program are:

  • The development of skills in financial analysis and group presentations
  • The mastery of financial software programs such as Bloomberg and S&P Capital IQ
  • A flexible, on-campus internship

The Fifth Third Trading Center Internship Program is open to all Xavier University undergraduate students.  Internship applications are available each spring for internships in the following academic year.  For more information, contact Kim Renners at the Fifth Third Trading Center.