Experiential Learning

The essence of experiential learning in business is that students are able to effect change.  Classes are centered around effecting change on an organization in order to increase membership, margins, retails, etc. for a business.  

A key component to experiential learning is project based learning.  These classes hold a unique distinction in that they emphasize the importance for students to differentiate between different levels of engagement.

A partner organization that is essential to experiential learning is the Greater Cincinnati Independent Business Alliance (CiNBA).  CiNBA was created by community leaders, business-owners/operators, and the students and faculty of Xavier University to create a thriving community of local independent businesses and non-profits by representing and enhancing the value of those in the Greater Cincinnati area.  Probably the most unique benefit of CiNBA membership is access to the X-LINK program. As a Jesuit Catholic institution, Xavier University is partnering with CiNBA to create mutually beneficial "links" between Xavier students, Xavier's resources, and our members.