Entrepreneurial Consulting: ENTR 668-01

A new MBA entrepreneurship course (ENTR 668-01) was launched as part of the Spring '11 semester. The course will also be offered in the Summer '11 and the Fall '11 semesters. The focus of the course is to help launch new business ventures and to help improve and grow small-to-medium sized businesses. For more information contact Joe Carter at carterj1@xavier.edu.

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Course Learning Objectives

After taking this course you will:

  • Derive an insight into the technical, interpersonal, and consulting skills required to operate effectively in the field of consulting.
  • You will gain hands-on experience in the following phases of consulting:
    • Contracting – collaboratively with the client to define expectations
    • Diagnosing – analysis of the current state
    • Developing – the desired future state
    • Implementing – to achieve and sustain results
    • Leveraging – to capture, codify, and share lessons learned


Course Overview

This is a highly applied course in which the instructor plays the role of facilitator and managing consultant. The course should be considered more of an independent study class. As the student, you will fill the role as a consultant assigned to engagements with real clients. To provide you with a basic understanding of the profession of consulting you will be assigned materials to read. At the beginning of the course you will collaborate with your instructor on how you will personally demonstrate that you have a thorough knowledge of the content contained in the reading assignments. You will undertake a primary and possibly a secondary consulting engagement. You will work on a team of 2 – 3 consultants on your primary consulting engagement. At the end of your primary engagement you will be required to submit a final written report and deliver a presentation.