Students need experience before they can embark on entrepreneurial ventures, so the entrepreneurial center assists with several types of employment opportunities. We offer internship and co-op positions in local entrepreneurial firms so students have an opportunity to gain experience and apply the concepts they have learned in their coursework. Groups of students conduct consulting projects in local small businesses to gain experience and expand networks of contacts for job opportunities.

Some entrepreneurship students become interested in starting their own business while going through the entrepreneurial studies program at Xavier. We encourage and support their efforts because this launches these students into their careers or provides valuable experience they can build on after graduation. Some of these business ventures, such as FliX, a campus DVD rental store, employ other students in our entrepreneurship program, giving the students a chance to work in an entrepreneurial venture so they better understand the challenges and issues facing a new firm.

Recent Entrepreneurial Startups by Current Students and Alumni

  • BenchmarkDormsLLC
  • Car-Locators
  • Choice Harvest Bake House
  • Enoch Global Enterprises
  • FliX
  • FootStool Properties LLC
  • Health Pro Brands
  • Ireland-May Ltd.
  • Nice Guy Records
  • Mini-Cornhole
  • Redox Brands
  • SpaceMaximizer

Recent Companies hiring or sponsoring XU Corporate Intrepreneurs

  • Cintas Corporation
  • Procter & Gamble
  • TKM United States, Inc.
  • TQL – Total Quality Logistics
  • Wayne Water Systems