DVD Project
DVD Project

"Xavier University provides vibrant opportunities for its stakeholders - students, faculty, and the community - to work together in cultivating and disseminating knowledge, encouraging collaboration, and empowering all stakeholders to make a sustainable difference, in fulfillment of the Jesuit tradition. In the words of C. Everett Koop, we must "think globally, but act locally" to make life-changing differences in this world.

While working as a faculty member of the Williams College of Business and as Coordinator of the Sedler Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Xavier University, I have had the opportunity to coordinate efforts with NIOSH and launch a new MBA course (BUAD 612) where we teach current and future business leaders, first how to recognize an organization's investment in company health, safety, wellness, and environmental initiatives (HSWE) as a strategic imperative, and then how to measure the return-on-investment earned on focused HSWE programs. The course is receiving international attention, and with recognition often comes motivation to further the work. Good news: Xavier University's Williams College of Business will be hosting the first annual Economics of Stewardship and Sustainability - Health, Safety, and the Environment Conference on October 28-29, 2010.

In the market, there is an unmet demand for information on corporate sustainability, i.e., harvesting the HSWE Best Practices for how companies can improve and sustain their operations in an "eco-friendly" (both economical and ecological) manner. To help satisfy this demand, I have spoken with colleagues, students, administrators, and the corporate community about ways to make this difference-making educational material available. The proposed research project, and ultimately the tangible product: Dynamic Sustainability DVD: will give students, faculty, and the community opportunities to connect while making a sustainable difference in the areas of health, safety, wellness and the environment."

~ Ginny W. Frings, Ph.D.

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