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I understand that as a Learn2Lead program participant I am responsible for scheduling service hours and adhering to all site rules and regulations, including those regarding confidentiality and proprietary information. Respecting the privacy of clients, donors, members, staff and other volunteers is a must in any organization. Any confidential information (data, reports, business plans, donor lists, etc.) whether in oral, written, or electronic form, must remain confidential during and subsequent to participation. It is my responsibility to familiarize myself with each service site's handbok and strictly adhere to the requirements in them. *

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I certify all information in this application is correct and true to the best of my knowledge and can be shared with site administrators if requested. I authorize staff in the WCB to access my academic and judicial records if necessary. All proprietary information gleaned through program participation will be kept confidential and I may be dismissed from the program for any breach of confidentiality. If I am unsure about the nature of specific information I will ask a staff member supervising my actions before disclosing it. By clicking "Yes" and submitting this application my signature adheres to this agreement. *