To support faculty interested in introducing ethics-related pedagogy into courses



The Cintas Ethics Faculty Mentor program supports faculty in introducing or building ethics-related pedagogy in their teaching by teaming them with faculty established in integrating ethics into the classroom. A $3,000.00 stipend is available for the mentee, payable after he or she successfully completes the two-semester program.  Mentees are also eligible (but not required) to attend the International Ethics course, taught in London and Paris, during spring break.  The Cintas Institute for Business Ethics would pay the reasonable expenses related to participating in this international trip.


Applicants must be full time visiting or full time tenured or tenure track professors within the Williams College of Business who wish to explore introducing ethics related pedagogy into their course(s).


  • Mentees will meet regularly with his or her mentor, other mentor pairings and Center co-directors during the two semesters of the award to discuss and define the objectives of the mentorship relationship, course enhancements, and review progress.
  • Mentees must be willing to complete a report on their experience, present to faculty colleagues and produce a “tangible product” with respect to ethics pedagogy flowing from the mentor program.  This “tangible product” must include a course revision better integrating ethics into the pedagogy. Additional products could include a video, poster session, or pedagogy article. The faculty must also write a thank-you letter to the Farmer Family Foundation, at the close of the mentor year.
  • Faculty must be willing to attend at least one event related to Leadership, Ethics, Governance or Sustainability during the mentor period.  They should also encourage their classes to attend these events.


Application Requirements

Personal essay by faculty applicant (no more than 500 words) as to reason for participation in the program and how he or she expects to use the opportunity to further ethics pedagogy in their teaching. Please submit by e-mail to the Associate Dean’s office by 5 p.m. the day of the deadline, copied to, and


Selection Criteria

Selection as a mentee will be based on demonstrating how he or she anticipates the program may enhance pedagogy related to Leadership, Ethics, Governance or Sustainability. The selection committee will be comprised of the Co-Directors of the Cintas Institute for Business Ethics, the WCB Associate Dean and two members from the Cintas Institute for Business Ethics Advisory Board.


Application Deadlines:

·       For Academic year 2016-2017: 5 p.m. April 5, 2016