Admission Procedures

Admissions procedures differ between undergraduate and graduate classes. For undergraduate admissions please see the procedures below. For graduate admissions please click here.

Undergraduate admissions procedures for Xavier are described in the Xavier University Catalog. Admission procedures differ slightly for traditional undergraduates, transfers, international students, and non-traditional students (age 22 or older).

Admission is either granted or denied to the University as a whole. The Williams College of Business does not have a separate admission procedure.

Transfer Students

Transfers from the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Professional Sciences are automatically accepted into the Williams College of Business.

Transfer students from other universities are first evaluated by the admissions office, and then a formal transfer evaluation is conducted by the Director of Undergraduate Programs in the Williams College of Business.

Non-traditional Students

Students admitted through the center for adult and part-time students (CAPS) and the weekend degree program are subject to similar standards as traditional undergraduates and transfers, but more attention is given to the applicant’s employment history and letters of reference. Usually it has been a number of years since the student attended college, and the CAPS staff therefore pays slightly less attention to the GPA than for a traditional transfer. Probationary acceptances are frequently made, and the student is required to take a limited course load for the first semester. A number of “success stories” have resulted from such probationary admissions (See CAPS folder in Resource Room).

International Students

In addition to the conditions for freshman admission listed above, international students must have a minimum score of 530 on the paper-based Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).