In these days of tightened belts and sharpened pencils, we here in the Office of University Communications have turned our attention to partnering with the campus to assist in the areas of recruitment, fundraising and building Xavier's brand equity. We're focused. Honed. We're lean and mean. But...not that mean. We're still nice. Nice enough to still offer help to those of you who now fall outside of our focus. We've created an online self-service storefront that features a growing number of downloadable templates so you can create your own materials. If you don't see what you need, call us and we can connect you with all the right people. We have friends. We know people who know people.


We're pretty good at getting the word out about Xavier and its programs through advertising. We're kind of like the wind, though. You can't see our work, but we're everywhere—newspapers, magazines, billboards, bus shelters, radio commercials, television commercials, Facebook, town criers, skywriters and certainly all of the finest online sites.


Our artistes apply their graphic skills and love of fonts to design a wide range of publications, such as booklets, brochures, catalogs, forms, fundraising packets, event programs, invitation packages, posters, signage and more. But the best part? We offer all our graphic and design services at no charge.


Lost a comma? Chances are we've found it. Our word nerds create the editorial content for Xavier magazine, the daily web news, Today at Xavier and a host of booklets, brochures, catalogs, forms, fundraising packets, event programs, signage, posters, magazines, newsletters, websites and more. Whew.

Internal Communications

Extra! Extra! We also handle most news and notices for the internal community, such as Today at Xavier and helping with the delivery of broadcast email and broadcast voicemail messages during emergency or urgent situations. 

Public Relations

Our public relations specialist helps bridge the gap between the media and the University, sharing the good news and wielding a saber like D'Artagnan and fighting off the evil media empire when they come asking nosy questions.

While we can no longer send out general press releases, we try to help clients publicize events, news or interesting stories by offering a self-service template that you can fill in and send our way.


Cheese! Yes, we take pictures, too. Our Director of Photography, Greg Rust, holds regular open studio sessions for faculty and staff to make or update their University portrait. The photography studio is on the first floor of Alumni Center. Specific dates and times are periodically posted in Today at Xavier. We also shoot events and maintain a large library of professional quality stock imagery for your communications needs.


Aaaand, action. We create a wide range of professional video projects, ranging from concept development to location shooting to editing and post-production services. Our video services are limited and typically not available to those outside of our targeted partners, but we can help you find outside help.

Web and Multimedia

Our resident techies are experts in current technologies and can define, design and build the coolest, slickest, sickest web and multimedia sites this side of Silicon Valley, with all the bells, whistles, glitz, glamor, bling, blang, blong needed to impress even the most hardened of web users.

While we only loan our techies' talents to our targeted partners, we can provide you with information on evolving web technologies, trends, best practices and the appropriate resources to maintain their own websites.