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Thanks for clicking over to the marketing and communications proposal. Last year (2013), we had a significant opportunity to review the goals of our area with Xavier's Senior Executive Team. What has resulted is a new way for us to consider Proposals.

It's clear that we'll be prioritizing work that has the potential to make the largest impact for the University. Specifically that includes Proposals that impact new student recruitment and fundraising efforts. We will also be working to continue to raise the profile of Xavier's image to a national level.

So, feel free to submit your Proposal below. We're happy to take a look at your submission and one of our Marketing Partners will be in touch.

Remember, you can still order stationery items through our online storefront, utilize a good selection of templates and logos including media releases, and submit items for quick web updates.

Thank you for your interest.

Doug Ruschman
Executive Director for University Communications

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