Student and Employee Hubs

The Office of University Communications and the Division of Information Technology have partnered over the past year to deliver an improved internal web experience. The MyXU Portal has served as Xavier's internal gateway for the past 10 years. However, the web has changed dramatically during that time, and new tools and opportunities are now available to the Xavier community. Following the Spring 2014 academic semester, the MyXU Portal will be permanently replaced with internal home pages for employees and students - the "Student Hub" and "Employee Hub."

Current MyXU Portal

The MyXU Portal was launched in August 2004. While the portal was tweaked and modified over the years, its structure of tabs and channels remained the basic framework. This was the only structure the portal environment allowed. In evaluating the content within the portal, our teams discovered 700 links across all tabs and channels, with over 80% of those links connecting back out to publicly available content. In short, the web development environment was limited and much of the content didn't require a username and password to begin with.

Why Change?

Much has changed about the web and our user habits in the past 10 years. Search and Google are ubiquitous. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter have fundamentally changed the way we connect and share. Smartphones, tablets and apps proliferate. Our world and our gadgets have gotten smaller and more connected.

Xavier, too, has changed. Our community no longer relies on a single system like the MyXU Portal to deliver email, news, calendars, groups and links. We have Office 365 for email, Today at Xavier for news, and Nexus and OrgSync for groups, just to name a few. Additionally, Xavier's home page is now focused on prospective students, with more than 75% of Xavier's web traffic coming from off-campus. Our team sought to create a mobile-friendly home for internal audiences - employees and students - that links directly to frequently accessed tools and services.

Student and Employee Hubs

Employee Hub Mobile View ScreenshotThe Student Hub and Employee Hub are these new, internal home pages. Both sites are built in a responsive framework, meaning they adjust according to the user's device, such as a tablet or smartphone. Frequently accessed services like Self-Service, email, directory and Canvas feature prominently on both sites.

The new web framework allows greater development opportunities and integrates with the rest of Xavier's web presence. Google Analytics (not possible within the MyXU Portal) will provide valuable insights into user behavior, allowing the University to continually develop these sites to meet user needs. Site search (also not possible within the MyXU Portal) is another option for navigating Xavier's website.

While most of the content within the MyXU Portal and now within the Employee and Student Hubs links to public content, some content does require user authentication. Self-Service, email, etc. require users to enter their Xavier username and password, just as required by the MyXU Portal. Nexus is now the featured tool for internal website development. The Office of the Provost, Xavier Way and University Planning and Resourcing Council (UPRC) are examples.

Timeline and Support

The Student and Employee Hubs launched publicly on Thursday, March 6, 2014. Links for "Employees" and "Current Students" have been added to Xavier's home page and will replace the "MyXU" link by the end of March 2014.

However, a link to the MyXU Portal will still be available via the "MyXU" graphic in the top-right column of each site. The Student and Employee Hubs and MyXU Portal will all be available for the remainder of the Spring 2014 academic semester, as all campus users transition and adjust to the changes. At the end of the semester, the MyXU Portal will be permanently replaced by the Student and Employee Hubs. A tentative sunset date for the MyXU Portal is Friday, May 30, 2014.

We understand that many business processes and instructions involve the MyXU Portal.  While the Student and Employee Hubs were not built to recreate the MyXU Portal's structure, existing content within the portal was widely integrated into the new hubs.

If an office currently has processes or instructions involving the MyXU Portal and cannot determine how those processes or instructions play out differently within the Student and Employee Hubs, please complete the brief "business continuity support request" form below and a member of the University Communications team will connect to help resolve the question. This process begins on March 6, 2014 and will continue until the MyXU Portal is permanently replaced following the Spring 2014 semester.

MyXU Portal Business Continuity Support Request

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