Multicultural Community

Students at Xavier represent a wide variety of racial, ethnic and religious groups, each bringing unique experiences and perspectives to campus. This diversity helps fulfill Xavier's mission of forming students intellectually, morally and spiritually. Xavier is dedicated to enhancing such diversity among its faculty and staff, and to embracing a multicultural learning environment.

Multicultural Profile

At Xavier, we celebrate the diversity of our student body. And, it shows. With higher graduation and retention rates for students of color compared to many other local colleges, Xavier supports diversity in all that we do.

Xavier's class of 2016 represents 41 states, District of Columbia, and 9 foreign countries. The class includes 20% students of color and a variety of religions, cultures and faiths.

A Home to Many Cultures

Xavier is home to many cultures. The Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA) assists students of color with academic, social and spiritual growth through cultural programming, diversity workshops and partnerships across campus. OMA works to educate the entire campus and to help create an awareness, appreciation and understanding of diversity.


A Home to Many Countries

Xavier is home to students from all around the world. Each year, students from over 40 countries come to Xavier to pursue degree programs or study English as a Second Language. The Office of International Student Services advocates for international students, provides orientation and transition services, programming and information. The Romero International Center provides opportunities for friendship and conversation through their weekly International Coffee Hour and many other activities.


Spirit CelebrationA Home to Many Faiths

Xavier is home to many faiths. More than 15 faiths and religions are practiced by Xavier students. The Office of Interfaith Community Engagement works to create and strengthen a sense of community among individuals of diverse faiths on campus, in Cincinnati, and on the regional and national levels.


Celebrating Our Culture and Faith

Xavier has a wide variety of students organizations that celebrate the different cultures and faiths represented across campus. These student run organizations support inclusion, promote understanding, foster leadership, encourage friendship and celebrate diversity. Included on the list of organizations is the Black Student Association, Student Organization of Latinos, Interfaith Club, International Student Society, Middle Eastern Cultural Society, Xavier Alliance and many more.