Faith and Service

The Dorothy Day Center for Faith and Justice provides many opportunities for students to grow and volunteer during their time at Xavier.   The CFJ, as it is known on-campus, is a place of belonging and transformation for thousands of students.  The CFJ programming is rooted in the Jesuit tradition and is open and inclusive of all students, wherever they are on their personal and spiritual journeys.

CFJ provides opportunities for worship and spiritual development for students of all faith traditions through:

  • Spiritual opportunities, including: For Catholics - daily and weekly Catholic masses, lectoring, eucharistic and music ministry, faith-sharing communities, prayer groups, and retreats. For Christians of all denominations - ecumenical Protestant worship called Common Ground, bible studies, a Gospel Choir, and retreats.  For Muslims - weekly Jummat prayer on Fridays, the Muslim student Association, and iftars.
  • Retreat opportunities, including: the Get-Away retreat for first-year students, Approach (CFJ's version of Kairos/Search/TEC), Encounter (a next-step retreat) and other reflective programs are available to all students, whether they are Jewish, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, or whether they are seeking meaning and uncommitted to a religious tradition).

Programs for community service and social justice gather students to serve in communities locally and globally and help awaken them to most pressing issues our world faces today.  Students tutor area children, help adults learn to read and write, volunteer in soup kitchens and run food drives and neighborhood clean-ups.  They tackle questions related to healthcare, poverty, racism, and environmental concerns.

CFJ offers many opportunities to do community service and learn about social justice:

  • Alternative Breaks Club, X-Change weekly service, Dorothy Day Immersions, and the Summer Service Internship.

Find more about all of the above at the Center for Faith and Justice website