Erin Thompson

"I'm Creating My Own Opportunities"

Erin Thompson—Art

Prepare to abandon the notion that being an artist also entails starvation. Erin originally came to Xavier to concentrate on painting - "I didn't want to do anything else. I thought art was the coolest thing ever." What she quickly learned is Xavier offers a lot of opportunities for expanding horizons, and she's done that with a vengeance. "My freshman year, I took a graphics design class to see what it was like, and I really got interested." So she decided on a split concentration of graphic design and painting, and was just getting warmed up. "By the time I was a junior I was doing web design and computer programming."

So what's up next after graduation? Maybe a job with Google, or graduate school. Not that she'll ever give up art. "I want to create a new way of art that blends what a computer and a human can do in real time." Life at Xavier, like art, has no boundaries. Just ask Erin.

The Arts at Xavier

What is art? At Xavier, it's more than just paintings in a museum. It's the ability to tell a story. It's drama performed on the stage. It's poetry. It's the sound of music. In the 21st century world, it's also websites, blogs and tweets. We have a liberal view of the arts, which is fitting since, well, our history is as a liberal arts university.


Sure, we offer traditional art programs in all their forms - painting, ceramics, drawing, fibers, photography, sculpture. But art is more than just paint and clay here. We also offer art for the right side of the brain - art history and art education. What's more, students can audition for scholarships and grants in our music, art and performing arts programs.

Communication Arts

The world changes with each new technology, but one thing remains constant - the importance of communication. It's the one tool that employers value most. Learn the skill and how to apply it to a variety of media: advertising, public relations, radio, TV, video and web

Music Education

The world is filled with aspiring musicians clutching their recorders, awaiting direction. Lead them into musical literacy with this major.


All the world's a stage - and you should be a part of it! Majoring in Theatre at Xavier will give you a broad background in performance, production and more with Cincinnati's finest playhouses.