Allen Boyd

"My dreams for office began in a classroom."

Allen Boyd—Political Science, Pre-law

As a freshman, Allen's enthusiasm for politics so impressed his professors they invited him on a student trip to work for presidential candidates in the Iowa primary. Allen worked for Sen. Chris Dodd, which led to an internship with the senator the following June.

The highlight of his Iowa trip was meeting Barack Obama in the lobby of the hotel where, it turned out, the students were staying with the president-to-be. Allen, who was also a resident assistant in Buenger Hall at Xavier, imagines running for public office himself, someday.

For now he's heading to Florida for a two-year Teach For America position in Miami. Then he'll spend two years in Boston at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, where he's already been accepted. Watch the video below and learn where a Xavier public policy program could take you.

Public Policy at Xavier

Deeply embedded in the Jesuit values that Xavier is built upon is the idea of serving others. For some, that means helping the homeless. For others that means the world of politics. For others still, it means protecting the innocent.


Preparing you for politics from Cincinnati to Paris, Rome to Washington, Philosophy, Politics and the Public is Xavier's most interdisciplinary honors program. Its unique emphasis is serving the public - the lost group, it seems, in the political world.

Criminal Justice

What goes on inside a criminal's mind? What goes on inside a prison? How can DNA solve a crime? Learn how the criminal justice system works and gain the knowledge and research skills to help protect the public.

Social Work

Cura personalis is a phrase common around campus. It means caring for the "whole person," which is at the heart of the social work field. Learn how to help others with complex interpersonal and social problems, and help make society more just.


Those who don't know history are bound to repeat it - mostly its mistakes. Xavier's history offerings cover a wide range of people, events and ideas, all of which illuminate the ways in which the world has changed, or stayed the same.