Admission Staff

Martin Vaughn

Western Regional Recruitment Director
Twitter: @XUWestCoast
Phone: 866 649-1886 or
513 745-1074
Fax: 513 745-4319

Welcome to Xavier!

You are about to embark on an incredible journey and I'm excited to help you discover the Power of X!

Xavier's mission is to educate. Our essential activity is the interaction of students and faculty in an educational experience, characterized by critical thinking and articulate expression with specific attention given to ethical issues and values.

Part of Xavier's mission is to develop "the whole person", intellectually, morally and spiritually.  Students are seen as individuals with different talents and interests, and are given many opportunities to develop those talents, as well as discover new ones.

One size of city might not fit all- but Cincinnati comes pretty darn close. Not too big, not too small. Just right. Explore Cincinnati.

I look forward to helping you learn more about Xavier!

Martin's Cincinnati Recommendations