Technology for New Students

Xavier's Technology Services deals with all of the student's printing, computer, labs, and connectivity needs.

  • Email

All students are given an email that can be access through the Portal or Outlook.

Setting Up Xavier Email

Setting Up Email on Your Smartphone

  • Personal Computer

Any computer or labtop can be used for school work. This is what Xavier recommends for the best success.

Computer Recommendations

  •  Checking Out Equipment

Xavier allows students to check out equiment ranging from cameras to laptop. Here you can find the process and restrictions.

Equipment Check Out   

  •  X Drive

The X Drive is your personal netwrok storage space. Files are backed up daily by the University. This is a great way to save space on your personal computer as well as access information from different locations.

How to use the X Drive

  • Wireless

Xavier's wireless routers reach the entire campus making staying connected easy. There are a couple of simple steps on connecting your computer.

Setting Up Wireless on Personal Computer

  • Atomic Learning

Xavier offers students the opportunity to use Atomic Learning, a video tutorial website, that can be accessed with your Xavier username and password.

Atomic Learning Login