Technology Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts you should know about technology at Xavier:
  • The Connection Center Service Desk on the main level of Conation Learning Commons (CLC) can assist you with any technology issue.  Any technology issue that you encounter and report to them will be investigated.  Alternately, you can call them at 513.745.4357 (HELP)
  • You need an ethernet cable to connect to the wired network.  To setup your connection to 'xavierwireless', you will need to either be connected to the wired network, or set it up prior to arriving on campus.  This is done by going to
  •  If you need to connect a device other than a PC (gaming console, Blue-Ray, TV, etc) to the wireless network, you need to register it for the Xmisc wireless network
  • The Residence Halls are fully equipped with wireless.  However, students move in with a number of other wireless enabled devices (i.e. wireless printers, Bluetooth, gaming controllers, etc.) that create interference and connection issues.  Should you experience this issue, it?s important to have an ethernet cable to get on the wired network, which is not susceptible to these issues.  In many cases, the wireless driver software needs to be updated for best operation in a residence hall environment.  If you have any connectivity issues, you should report them to the Connection Center Service Desk.  IT can help track down the source of the connection problems in your room. 
  • IT has a Knowledge Base that you can search for answers to Xavier specific technology questions, that can be accessed at
  • We offer students access to a Virtual Desktop - a Windows 7 PC with Xavier licensed software applications, that can be accessed from virtually any device.  This is useful if you need access to computer lab software, without having to visit a computer lab.
  • Students can print from their own devices to the public printers, and within 2 hours of sending their print job, it can be printed from any Print Release station on campus.  Learn more about this service.