Office 365 Guide

Office 365 is Xavier's student email and calendaring system. Office 365 is built on the latest Exchange technology. It provides students with a 25 GB inbox. Students can send file attachments that are up to 25 MB.




Are Xavier faculty and staff using Office 365?

Faculty and staff will be migrating to Office 365 mid March 2014. 

Do I need to use a particular operating system or browser?

No. Office 365 can be accessed using any current operating system or web browser.

Can I block certain email addresses from sending me email, or allow them?

Yes. By clicking on the Options in the upper, right-hand corner of your Live window, you will find a "Block or Allow" option at the bottom of the list in the left-hand column of the screen. From that screen, you can add or remove entries from a Safe Senders and Recipients list and from a Blocked Senders list.

How do I change my Office 365 password?

Student passwords should be maintained using the Xavier Password Manager ( Although students will be able to initiate a password change directly from Office 365, any password changes made from there will be overwritten with the password from the Xavier Password Manager during nightly processing. View Password Manager Instructions