Microsoft Office

Purchasing Office 2013 for PC or Office 2011 for MAC for personal use

For Students:

  1. Microsoft offers slightly discounted student pricing through the Microsoft Store for Education that applies to most all Microsoft products.

For Faculty / Staff:

  1. Use the following link: Purchase site for Xavier Faculty/Staff
    Faculty and staff are now able to purchase and download MS Office 2013 for PC and MS Office 2011 for Mac via our Home Use Program.
  2. You will be asked for a program code to verify your eligibility.  To receive the code please come to Circulation at the Connection Center or call 745-3881.
  3. In order to purchase through this program you will need to use your email address. No other email address will work.
  4. After your eligibility is verifiied you will be emailed a link to purchase the software at the address you provided. You can either download it, or pay an extra fee for an actual DVD copy. The price for download only is $9.95. The physical dvd is an additional charge of $13.00.