Employee Technology Request Form

Use this form to get started setting up computer, network drive, phone and voicemail for either new employees or internal employee transfers.
*This service is not provided for student employees

Equipment takes approximately 1 week to arrive after filling out this form, depending on availability of hardware requested. Additional time may be required for special equipment, or Apple computers. You will be notified if hardware cannot be obtained by your requested delivery date.

Computer Information

Special hardware or software packages (i.e. docking station for laptop, larger monitor, etc. Note: some additional items may need to be purchased by the department. Supervisor will be contacted if this is the case.)

Network Drives/Folders

Please enter the folder the new employee will need access to with the corresponding drive. If multiple folders are needed on the same drive you can enter a comma-separated list.

folder 1, folder 2, folder 3. . .

Phone and Voicemail

Specials needs phone (i.e. TTY), configure a 2nd second line button, picks-up other lines, part of a contact center, etc.