Off-Campus Access

About the Virtual Desktop

The Virtual The virtual desktop is an on-campus Windows 7 PC that you can connect into from off-campus.  It can be accessed from a variety of computers/devices, such as Windows, Mac, Apple iOS and Android devices.  The virtual provides access to Xavier licensed software applications, as well as your network drives.  It can be accessed from within a web browser or using the VMware Horizon View Client.  Visit our Knowledge Base for more information connecting to the virtual desktop.

About the Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Xavier's VPN can be used to access a variety of on campus resources when you are at home or off campus.  After connecting to the VPN, additional configuration of your device may be necessary before you will be able to use on-campus resources (i.e. mapping network drives).  Visit our Knowledge Base for more information on installing and connecting to the VPN on Windows, Mac, iOS or Android devices.