Network Share Request Form

All faculty and staff who log on to the campus network can request access to group shares 
where they can store and share Xavier University related files with other users. These files 
are backed up by the University daily. For faculty-staff users, this storage space is on the 
R: drive. Faculty & staff users can also request storage space to share with other departments 
and divisions. This is referred to as the Q drive. All requests will be completed within 3 business 

(By default all Faculty and Staff are automatically mapped to the Q: and R: drives.)

Only authorized group members can access a department's group folder. Use this form to add 
members to an existing group folder or to request the creation of a new group folder.

Default share size limitation is 300mb. All Mac users will need to contact the helpdesk to 
access these shares after the request has been approved.

All fields in bold are required fields.

What drive is this request for: *

Type of Request:

Preferred phone number for contact in case of questions about this request

If multiple email addresses, please separate by semicolons

Access Type *

Please list all directories that the requested individual should have access to. By default, individuals will get access to all subfolders of a parent directory (unless if special requests have been made to segment access within a folder). If this is a new folder request, indicate the preferred name.

Any special instructions about this request? Possibly access to a special subfolder? Request an expiration date for this access?