Information Technology (IT) Ambassador Program 

Xavier University’s IT Ambassador Program is a student-run initiative between Xavier University’s Technology Services Help Desk and the Information Systems Club.  Its aim is to increase awareness and utilization of the many IT resources available at Xavier.  To enable this initiative, all Xavier students will have the opportunity to enroll in a one-hour class and become certified in most IT resources at Xavier University. The courses will be taught two times a week by Information Systems majors.

Information technology impacts all aspects of our lives. As students surround themselves with electronic devices and resources, it is has become essential to know how to effectively use them.  This knowledge not only enhances their Xavier experience, but also their lives outside of the institution. 

Xavier University’s IT Ambassador Program will begin September 16, 2013.

IT Ambassador Program Goals: 

  • Prepare Xavier students for the growing IT demands
  • Promote and develop the Information Systems concentration at Xavier University
  • Assist individuals in understanding the importance and effectiveness of IT
  • Instill confidence to those that find IT to be complicated and intimidating
  • Serve as a venue for Xavier University IT executives and leaders to present IT projects and developments to students
  • Position Xavier University as an institution that graduates students that are confident and effective with IT resources in any setting



Sessions will be held in CLC 207 (Technology Training Room). Please check which session you wish to attend. Thank you.

Availability (during Fall 2013 Semester) - NEED TO ATTEND ONLY 1 SESSION!