University Mobile Device Program

Xavier University has agreed to a two year agreement with Cincinnati Bell to remain the provider for all University paid mobile devices which includes cell phones, smartphones and data plans.  Part of the agreement includes a device refresh for all employees currently on the University plan.  The new program requires the completion of the Mobile Telephone Authorization Form.This form authorizes the employee's eligibility for a University paid mobile device and/or data plan.  The employee's Department Manager must sign the form indicating the business use justification.

For more information on each of the models offered, please view the Xavier University Mobile Device Options:

                   Smartphones                            Cell phones

Note: We are discontinuing support for legacy Blackberry devices.  Without a dedicated Blackberry Enterprise server, we can no longer manage security features on these phones.  Support will be discontinued immediately following the launch of the Blackberry Z/Q10 phones.  The Z10 (touchscreen) is now available and the Q10 (QWERTY keyboard) will be available end of June. You will need to switch to one of these devices immediately after it becomes available. 

To make your selection, please complete the form below. 




Model of Mobile Device (Cell Phones)

Model of Mobile Device (Smartphones)


You will receive a confirmation notice in your email.